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Christ Family Ministry is led by the amazing pastors Arome and Avese Tokula, and they are supported by the Local Church Leadership Committee– a team of dedicated, spirit-filled, and led pastors and ministers who are committed to Christ Family Ministry’s God-given mandate to fill the earth with the beautiful message of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Our Covenant Partners believe that God has called them to partner with Him by standing in faith with our Man of God, pastor Arome Tokula in bringing to pass God’s purposes and establishing His Kingdom in the lives of the people. As a partner, you do not only share like-precious faith with us as co-heirs of the kingdom, but you have also made a kingdom-establishing decision to unite with us in furtherance of the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus and all that we now enjoy in His death, burial and resurrection. You can partner by praying, serving, and giving of your resources and time. (Click to read more/download the partnership brochure).

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